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Coronavirus: launch of the second part of the Federal Plan for Social and Economic Protection

During the meeting of the Council of Ministers on Friday 20 March, a number of measures were adopted to alleviate the socio-economic impact of covid-19. They are based on the recommendations of the ERMG, the Economic Risk Management Group, which met yesterday, and at the meeting with the G-10.

© Sophie Wilmes / Photo : Thomas Daems

Speech during the debate on the Government statement

With the support of six other parties, this government will be fully capable of managing the #Coronavirus crisis in our country. All of our energy is devoted to preserving the health of our citizens and cushioning the collateral effects of this pandemic on our society.

© Sophie Wilmes / Photo : Thomas Daems

Coronavirus: reinforced measures

These are the enhanced measures decided tonight. They will enter into force from tomorrow afternoon until 5 April. Of course, family outings are still allowed. Take care of yourself, take care of others.

Government’s general policy speech – Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès

National unity is not proclaimed on a Sunday evening. It is built up during the difficult times that come day after day and hour after hour. That's why I asked Parliament this afternoon to give this government the confidence. #begov #coronavirus #

© Sophie Wilmes / Photo : Thomas Daems

Coronavirus: Phase 2 maintained, transition to federal phase and additional measures

As announced on March 10, the evolution of the spread of the coronavirus is assessed every day, as the situation is constantly changing. In light of the most recent developments, the National Security Council met on Thursday 12 March in the presence of and in consultation with the Ministers-President.

10 measures to support companies and the self-employed impacted by Covid-19

On Friday 6 March, during the Council of Ministers, the federal government approved 10 measures to support businesses and self-employed people affected by the consequences of COVID-19.