Interview BBC World News on the violent protests on Capitol Hill

Democracy is fragile and never acquired. What happened at the Capitol in Washington demonstrated that. Belgium considers respect for democratic institutions & values essential in all relations, including those with the US, who is and will always be one of our closest allies. You can find the interview on BBC World News here.

German Unity Day

The fall of the Berlin Wall and the German Reunification paved the way for the historic unification of Europe through peaceful means. On their national day, Belgium wishes its neighbours ‘einen wunderschönen Tag der Deutschen Einheit!’



BEIJING+25 Accelerating the realization of gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls Mr Speaker, Ladies and Gentlemen, Twenty-five years ago, we made a commitment to take bold action to achieve gender equality. To create a world where girls and boys, women and men have the same rights, the same access, the same opportunities. A world where it is your individuality and your talents that define who you are, not…

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