The National Security Council of 27 March, which was extended to include the Ministers-President, decided to extend the measures taken earlier by two weeks, i.e. until 19 April. After that, they can then be extended a further two weeks, i.e. until 3 May. In any case, the situation will be monitored constantly. The National Security Council will meet regularly for this purpose.

As a reminder, details of the measures are available on the website

We would still like to make a few clarifications:

  • Regarding physical outdoor activities: these are still recommended, with respect for social distancing and only for the duration that is really necessary to conduct the activity. In other words, people are only allowed to be outside as long as it takes to run, walk or cycle. People also need to keep moving (and not sit around in the parks for hours, for example).
  • The so-called lockdown parties which some people are organising jeopardise all of our efforts and continue to pose a risk with significant health consequences, as the facts show. Such parties are still not allowed, obviously.
  • Regarding schools, and especially their activities during the Easter holidays:
    • The rules will remain the same. Also during the Easter holidays, schools need to provide day-care.
    • If that really proves impossible, a different form of day-care can be organised, under the following conditions:
      • The children who have been in day-care together so far should remain in day-care together, and should not be mixed with other children.
      • If possible, the children should be cared for by people they have recently been in contact with.

As always, the decisions are based on recommendations of the scientific experts, who met earlier today.

Violations will be punished. In addition, we will soon introduce a system for the immediate collection of fines.

Everyone has an individual and collective responsibility to comply with these decisions, which we know are difficult. We welcome the commitment, solidarity and responsibility of every Belgian citizen. Everyone knows that these measures are essential for our health. We are also grateful for the work done by medical staff. Their daily commitment is special and praiseworthy, and all the country’s governments are doing their utmost to protect them. Finally, the commitment of everyone who is keeping the country running on a daily basis is also fundamental. We also want to thank them.

Keep taking care of yourself and others.