Only the spoken word counts

Mr Chair,

Belgium fully aligns itself with the statement of the European Union. Given the gravity of the situation, let me also speak in my national capacity.

Dear colleagues, we are going through one of the darkest hours in the history of Europe.

Let me first reiterate our unequivocal support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders.

It is in the strongest terms that I condemn Russia’s aggression against Ukraine which occurred in the absence of any threat or even provocation from the Ukrainian part.

Through its actions, Russia is seriously violating the principles of international law and the commitments agreed within the framework of the OSCE. The international order that lays the ground for peace in Europe and in the world is deeply endangered.

In recent months, Russia appealed to the principle of the indivisibility of security asking that no state adopts decisions related to its security to the detriment of the security of other states. Moscow has just blatantly violated the principles it has invoked.

Dear colleagues, we have remained open to dialogue and have multiplied the channels of communication; Russia rejected them, and is now committing the unrepairable. Together with our partners and allies, we are in the process of adopting immediate responses that will have massive consequences and severe costs to Russia.

We call upon Russia to immediately end this aggression, to fully respect the international humanitarian law and allow access and assistance to all persons in need as well as to ensure the safety of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission.

All my support and thoughts are with the people of Ukraine. They will endure loss of lives and deep suffering. I want to reiterate once again our message of unity and solidarity.

I request that this statement be added to the journal of the day.

Thank you.