The Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel, has decorated Sophie Wilmès with the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for her contribution to strengthening the ties between Belgium and Luxembourg.

While Sophie Wilmès was Prime Minister, the good collaboration between the two countries played a major role in the heart of the covid-19 pandemic, not only in conveying a common message of European solidarity within the UE but also in finding very concrete solutions to the needs of cross-border workers. Those people leaving around the border were also a major concern for the Mouvement Réformateur (liberal party) during the 11th Gaïchel summit, where an agreement was reached to increase the number of authorised teleworking days. As Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sophie Wilmès also held the Presidency of the Benelux in 2021. On this occasion, she initiated a mission to Ukraine, and more specifically in the Donbass, one year before the start of the Russian invasion. On the diplomatic scene, together with Luxembourg and the Netherlands, she was at the forefront of the denunciation of the anti-LGBTQI+ laws in Hungary; an initiative that would later lead the case to the European justice. In her speech, Sophie Wilmès pledged to continue her work to maintain these strong links between Belgium and Luxembourg.