Gradual return to school to continue in Belgium

At its meeting on Wednesday, 27 May, the Consultation Committee agreed – based on a proposal by the education ministers and a recommendation by the Exit Strategy Expert Group (GEES) – on the next steps in ensuring that Belgian schoolchildren can return to school. It will be recalled that during the second phase of the easing of the lockdown, the decision was taken to gradually resume lessons for preschool, primary and secondary pupils. Children’s development is a priority for the…

Response to questions in plenary

Check against delivery Coronavirus crisis – recovery plan Thank you, Mr Speaker. First of all, I would like to answer the specific questions regarding second homes and the third phase. After that, I will talk about the macroeconomic aspect of the recovery. This week, virologists have once more confirmed that allowing members of the public to visit their second homes again would have no impact in terms of spreading COVID­19, and so we now see no reason to unnecessarily delay…

Exit Strategy - Phase 2

Exit Strategy - Phase 1B

Exit Strategy - Phase 1A