As a commune of the “Brabant-Flamand” situated in the South of Brussels, Rhode-Saint-Genèse is located in Flanders just north of Wallonia.

Our neighbors are:

  • North : Uccle and Watermael-Boitsford
  • South: Braine l’Alleud and Waterloo
  • East: Hoeilaart
  • West : Linkebeek and Beersel.

Rhode-saint-Genèse has 17.904 inhabitants and has a surface of 22,80 km², which means a number of inhabitants/km² of 785.

As a commune with facilities, Rhode-Saint-Genèse has a majority of francophone’s living within its territory (estimated at 68% in 2006).

The last local elections took place in October 2012. The people of Rhode elected their Municipal Council and their Social Council (CPAS-OCMW)

Two lists where presented to the votes: firstly IC-GB “Intérêts Communaux – Gemeentebelangen” (made of French speaking parties and some independents) and secondly Respect (Flemish parties).


The Municipal Council consists of 25 councilor amongst which 17 are from the IC-GB list and 8 from Respect.

To keep it simple we will say that the Municipal Council controls and approves the propositions of decisions made by the « Collège ». The Municipal Council can also make propositions of decisions. The MR representatives at the local council are: Nicolas Kuczynski, Alain Wahba, Saba Parsa and myself. The decisions of the council are made at the majority of the votes. The Municipal Council sessions are public.

The « Collège » manage the commune and propose decisions for the approval of the municipal council. All decisions made by the “College” (composed of the Mayor and 5 Alderman) are made by consensus (agreement of all) and are under the responsibility of each of its member. As every single alderman has certain specifics area of work to do, the responsibility of the decisions falls to all of us. In case the “Collège” does not reach an agreement, the local council will have the final word.

On the contrary to what exists in other communes, the “Collège” is directly elected by the population. As a result of which, we have in Rhode a member of the opposition in the College (instead of a College consisting only of people within the political majority). This makes indeed sometime decisions hard to be made.

This situation is not the same in all communes with facilities. In fact, the larger number of votes, the less the chances are that a member of the opposition will have a seat in the College (for example in Linkebeek).

Our “Collège” consists of: one Mayor, 4 Alderman from IC-GB (one being me) and one alderman from the opposition.


The Council of Social Aid consists of 11 members also directly elected by the local population.

Seven of them are from the IC-GB list. Nicole Roland and Christophe Carrette are our MR representatives at the Council of Social Aid.

The elected MR of Rhode

The local entity of the MR of Rhode-Saint-Genèse is attached, as are all local entities from the periphery (communes surrounding Brussels), to the MR of Brussels.

In Rhode-Saint-Genèse, we count 6 elected MR

Sophie Stone-Wilmès

First Alderman
Head of UF political group at the Provincial Council
Member of the Police council
Director at Finilek
President of the MR of the periphery

Nicolas Kuczynski

Municipal Councilor
Member of the Police council
Director at IWVB
President the local MR

Saba Parsa

Municipal Councilor
Director at Vivaqua
Vice-President of the local MR

Alain Whaba

Municipal Councilor
Member of the Police council

Nicole Roland

CPAS Councellor

Christophe Carrette

CPAS Councellor